Providing Opportunities for Local Students

Northampton Dollars for Scholars® is a community-based volunteer organization serving the cities and towns of Northampton, Leeds, and Florence, Massachusetts, with the mission to provide scholarships for local students' post secondary education.

Northampton Dollars for Scholars recently announced its annual scholarships to students graduating from high school or attending college or advanced vocational training in the fall. As we were not able to publicly present the awards as we have for 45 years, we published a list of the high school recipients in the Daily Hampshire Gazette. This year, we increased our standard award to at least $750 per recipient and provided a total of 183 scholarships, exceeding our previous reach (total) by 40 recipients.

As part of our commitment to be equitable to all students in Northampton, every student who completes the application process obtains a scholarship. We also provide 60 scholarships named in memory or honor of people who have lived in and served this community. These 'named' scholarships often require students to qualify through specific criteria, accomplishments, or pursue designated academic or vocational interests.

Our ability to support all of these students relies on donations from our community and the many people who have connections to Northampton. As Northampton Dollars for Scholars is run by an all-volunteer board, every donated dollar goes directly to the students. We wish to thank the individuals, businesses and organizations that have contributed over the years. Please know that our continued commitment to lessen the financial burden of post-high school training and education depends on your generosity.

We appreciate your interest in our mission to be The Community Behind Our Students.


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Joice Gare, a long-serving and dedicated member of the board with Northampton Dollars for Scholars, passed away on July 28.

After attending Iowa State College, the beginning of WWII inspired Joice to work in the personnel department at the Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Co., in an office under the wings of B-26s and later B-29s. After the war she worked for IBM in Omaha, operating business machines that were the very beginnings of computers.

Having moved to Northampton in 1948 after her marriage to John Gare, who worked in the family business (E.J. Gare & Son, a jewelry store on Main Street). Joice worked at Smith College as secretary in both the Chemistry and Mathematics departments for 40 years, retiring in 1998.

In addition to her work with Northampton Dollars for Scholars, Joice served on the boards of the Girl Scouts, United Cerebral Palsy, and other organizations. As a member of the Betty Allen Chapter of DAR, she worked on a project that converted legal documents from the 17 - 19th centuries to be preserved in acid-free folders in preparation of digitizing the information for use on the internet.

Over the years, she joined Northampton Dollars for Scholars founding member and close friend Kay Sheehan's travel group for trips all over America and Europe.

Joice will be remembered by the many other Northampton Dollars for Scholars board members with whom she served as an intelligent and dedicated colleague, one who brought integrity and hard work to every aspect of our organization. She will be missed.



Chapter Honors Founders

awardsThe Founders Awards: Recognizing the outstanding and ongoing contributions of three of the original members of Northampton Dollars for Scholars. Their talents and tireless efforts have helped create and sustain our "Community Behind the Students."

Frank Heston, co-founder and board member of the local chapter of Dollars for Scholars, a retired teacher, and still-active tennis coach. Frank's consistent, optimistic and realistic voice has helped foster the breadth and variety of scholarships available to Northampton students.

Ralph Levy, founding member of Dollars for Scholars, ran Daniel's Clothing store in Northampton for 20 years, taught theatre, speech and television courses at Duquesne University, Greenfield Community College and Northampton High School before retiring after 13 years as Senior Administrative Aide to House Majority Leader William P. Nagle, Jr. Ralph has built a lasting reputation as a vigorous supporter of the arts at Northampton High School and Smith Vocational High School.

Kathleen Sheehan, co-founded Northampton Dollars for Scholars while serving as Leeds School principal. Endowed with an irrepressible optimism and an eagerly-expressed confidence in everyone with whom she deals (and Kay knows a lot of people), Kay brings a unique energy to any and all occasions.


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